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New halfamoon layout & promo banners!

I believe geekturnedvamp is going to post an official opening announcement sometime today, but for now, I thought I'd post the announcement of the new comm layout and some promo banners you can use to promote halfamoon. :)

The LJ layout for 2009 is a slight modification on Your Biggest Flan by thefulcrum.

This year I arranged the characters in the community banner according to the houses in Harry Potter. (Which characters go in which House are purely according to my whim/the opinions of my flist/for fun, and not meant to be the last word on the character, etc.) Anyway!

* * *

Halfamoon's Ravenclaws are Tara Maclay, Nyota Uhura, Temperance Brennan, Rory Gilmore and Martha Jones.

A bigger version of the Ravenclaw banner is here

* * *

Halfamoon's Slytherins are Sophie Deveraux, Miranda Priestly, Ziva David, Sarah Walker and M.

A bigger version of the Slytherin banner is here.

* * *

Halfamoon's Gryffindors are Teyla Emmagan, Sarah Connor, Wendy Watson, Xena and Dani Reese.

A bigger version of the Gryffindor banner is here.

* * *

And Halfamoon's Hufflepuffs are Dana Whitaker, Gwenevere, Beverly Crusher, Juliet O'Hara and Abby Sciuto.

A bigger version of the Hufflepuff banner is here.

* * *

And here's the original super big version of the header, with all four houses represented. Feel free to grab this and make icons/banners/whatever of your own, if you want. :)
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