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Admin: Rules and General Information

halfamoon: Rules and General Information

This FAQ was modified (with permission) from anenko’s FAQ for 100_women here.

Welcome to halfamoon!

What’s this community about?

Half a Moon is a fourteen day multifandom challenge celebrating female characters, which will run from February 1 through Valentine's Day.

Do I have to post something all fourteen days?

Definitely not! You can participate as much or as little as you would like, although we ask that if possible you try not to post more than once a day.

Linking or recommending your own stuff is also encouraged, and not all of your content has to be created uniquely for halfamoon. If an older fanwork fits the theme of this community, feel free to post it here.

What can and can’t I post?

Fanfiction, vids, recs, art, picspam, icons, meta, fanmixes, and outside links to all of the above are welcome--the only requirement is that the primary focus must be on a female character or characters.

Gen, het, and femslash (any fandom, any character(s), any rating) are all fine. M/M slash is allowed as long as the focus is on a female character, who is present and active in her own right.

The intent of this community isn’t to exclude male characters, but to celebrate the numerous awesome--but often neglected--female characters in our various fandoms. Therefore, the focus of the story should be on a female character, and *her* life, thoughts, feelings, relationships, and adventures--*not* focused primarily on the males in her life.

If you’re unsure whether it’s appropriate to post something here, please just ask first.

Can I post a story about an original female character?

The purpose of the community is to bring attention to existing female characters, but you can post stories about original female characters as long as there’s a reasonable connection to canon. (For example, fandom: BtVS/Angel, original character: Jane Slayer.)

Does my female character have to be human/humanoid?

No. If you want to write about female dragons, or horses, or sentient living spaceships, or Star Trek’s feminine-voiced computer system, go ahead.

What’s "female", anyway?

Gender identity isn’t simple. So long as your character self-identifies as female, you're more than welcome to post about them. (Stories where a male-identified character is in drag for kink or plot-related reasons do not qualify.) If your character is both male *and* female, you can also post about them here. We are not accepting genderswitch or "always a woman" AU stories. Essentially we are looking for stories about characters who identify as female *in canon*.

What constitutes appropriate focus on a female character is ultimately up to the mods, and our decisions are final.

What is the minimum word count?

There’s no minimum length.

What information should be included when posting? What else should I keep in mind when posting?

Please label your posts in the subject line by type (fiction, vid, recs, icons, etc.), fandom, and the names of your female character(s) and/or pairing.

IF your post

--is graphics-intensive
--contains embedded video
--is longer than a few paragraphs
--contains adult content and/or is not safe for work

PLEASE be courteous and provide such information in your headers (and post the work itself behind an lj-cut).

Again, it’s also fine to post outside links rather than posting on halfamoon itself.

Keep in mind that there is a character limit for the memories function, so if you have too many different fandoms listed on one entry, they won’t all make it into the memories.

Finally, you must enable comments on your entries, or we won’t be able to tag your entry, or add it to the memories.

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