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Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology VI

We're back again with the sixth annual Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology! This year, the Anthology consists of 108 woman-centered stories by 74 different authors and 39 different podficcers in 73 fandoms!

cover art by [personal profile] bessyboo

Listening options:

Links to the text of the fics, where you can celebrate the awesome authors, are included in the Comments section of all the mp3 files, as well as the spreadsheet with the individual podfic links. Thank you to our fabulous beta-listeners originally and kitheart, and additional thanks to lavenderfrost for the cover art beta + help!

If you'd like to leave feedback for some or all of the readers in this collection, feel free to comment on this post! You can also follow them to their individual journals, tumblr accounts, or AO3 accounts to find more of their work:
[ profile] akikotree, [ profile] amemait, [ profile] argentumlupine, [ profile] bessyboo, [ profile] blackglass, [ profile] croissantkatie, [ profile] dapatty, [ profile] dr-fumbles-mcstupid, [ profile] duendeverde4, [ profile] elasticella, [ profile] exmanhater, [ profile] growlery, [ profile] hananobira, [ profile] heuristicdevice, [ profile] idella, [ profile] jelazakazone, [ profile] kalakirya, [ profile] kdheart, [ profile] klb, [ profile] knight_tracer, [ profile] litra, [ profile] opalsong, [ profile] originally, [ profile] podfic_lover, poplitealqueen ([ profile] lsimun), [personal profile] rhea314, RickyPulsifer ([ profile] fuckthisimgoingtoerebor), [ profile] rscreighton, [ profile] shmaylor, [ profile] somethingincorporeal, [ profile] sunquistadora, [ profile] susan_voight, [ profile] sylvaine, [ profile] the_dragongirl, [ profile] the_foxgirl, [ profile] theleanansidhe, [ profile] tipsy_kitty, [ profile] totalspiffage, [ profile] vassalady
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