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Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology IV

It's time for the fourth annual Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology! This year, the Anthology consists of 108 woman-centered stories by 90 different authors and 44 different podficcers in 78 fandoms!

cover art by bessyboo
thanks to green_griffin1, bestliars, stellarer, [archiveofourown.org profile] AshesandGhost, and [twitter.com profile] lucetcord for modeling

Listening options:

Links to the text of the fics, where you can celebrate the awesome authors, are included in the Comments section of all the mp3 files, as well as the spreadsheet with the individual podfic links. Thank you to likeasouffle, duckgirlie, sly_hostetter, adistantsun, and [twitter.com profile] ihaveahunger for beta listening and to paraka for cleanup editing.

If you'd like to leave feedback for some or all of the readers in this collection, feel free to comment on this post! You can also follow them to their individual journals to find more of their work:
[archiveofourown.org profile] alba17, amproof, anatsuno, [personal profile] argentumlupine, [archiveofourown.org profile] AshesandGhost, b7_kerravon, bessyboo, [personal profile] chestnut_filly, croissantkatie, dapatty, exmanhater, fire_juggler, greedy_dancer, [personal profile] growlery, heart of barkness aka'd as apocalypse meow (leave feedback at this post), idella, itsadrizzit, jelazakazone, jesperanda, [personal profile] jjhunter, [personal profile] juniperphoenix, kalakirya, kdheart, kitheart, [personal profile] klb, knight_tracer, laliandra, looneyngilo2, [personal profile] lunchee, miss_marina95, natmerc, nickelmountain, [personal profile] niko, [tumblr.com profile] originally, paraka, reena_jenkins, rhea314, [twitter.com profile] ShinyNickel91, silly_cleo, sly_hostetter, sophinisba, [archiveofourown.org profile] spaceelevator, [personal profile] tarae, [archiveofourown.org profile] Wesle
Tags: .podfic, 10 things i hate about you, a song of ice and fire, animorphs, avatar: the last airbender, bandom, beowulf, brave (2012), doctor horrible, doctor who, eagle of the ninth, elementary, firefly, frozen (2013), glee, greek mythology, harry potter, homestuck, lilo & stitch, lost girl, marvel comics, mcu, merlin, mulan (2009), multifandom, narnia, once upon a time, orphan black, pacific rim, person of interest, puella magi madoka magica, sherlock (bbc), star trek: ds9, star trek: reboot, star trek: tng, star trek: voyager, stargate: atlantis, teen wolf, the good wife, the hunger games, the lizzie bennett diaries, the losers, x-men

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