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fic recs and some I wrote

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Fic Recs:
Adonai, by twoskeletons: Lucy looks for Aslan in this world, and finds him under many names. Gorgeous.

Fragments by Miss M: Lucy, at all ages. Brilliant characterization.

The Land of Silent Seas, by bedlamsbard: Polly and Digory have another adventure, and Polly is WONDERFUL.

More than kisses, letters mingle souls by athousandwinds: Digory, Polly, and feminism. Hilarious.

Little by Little> and Something Practical by fire_and_a_rose: Lucy, Susan, witches, and fate.

Pretty As a Picture by adaptationdecay: Susan, after TLB. Chilling.

Went Forth Unconquered, by gisho: Susan, afterward. This is one of my favorite Susan fics.

No One Is Ever Told What Would Have Happened by lordess renegade: Lucy after Narnia, and the Magician's Book. Along the lines of, there are spells. And sometimes Lucy uses them. And it sort of breaks my heart.

Another Country, by Jay Tryfanstone: Jill, Susan, the problem of Susan and the problem of paradise. Jill/Susan.

a few glow in the dark moments, by likewinning: Jo Harvelle teams up with Sarah Blake during the apocalypse; AU; femslash.

Straight on 'Til Morning by apocalypsos: AU. Mary survives the fire.

Paper Weight, by vanzetti: Kathleen Hudak and Henrickson look for the Winchesters; cameo from Cassie; outsider POV. Really interesting look at her and at the SPN world.

Days Without Feathers by pyrebi: Jess's mother grieves for her daughter. Outsider POV.

our boldness stands alone among the wreck, by tosca1390: What happened to Ziva in Somalia.

Cultural Relativism, by arsenicjade: How Ziv adjusts to America, and Abby. Abby/Ziva.

Leaving Absence, by heylittleriver: Ziva, after Somalia.

Pirates of the Caribbean:
Like a Leaf on the Water by penknife: the life of Mistress Cheng. This is really amazing and I wish it were canon.

The Peaceable Kingdom by orange_crushed: A much darker reimagining of Twilight were Bella has more agency and more power. The author says "Edward/Bella in the sense of sandwich/teeth."

Scooby Doo, Where Are You:
the road this far can't be retraced by sotto_voice: Velma and Scooby and the zombie apocalypse. This is heartbreaking.

The Handmaid's Tale:
Vessel of Hope by miss_morland: A look at Aunt Lydia and her role in training handmaids.

Fic I've Written:
A Meeting of the Daughters of Eve: Jill meets the friends of Narnia (but mostly Susan, Lucy, and Polly) for the first time.

the sea is her downfall: Five times Lucy Pevensie fell in love, and the aftermath. Lucy/OCs, Lucy/Caspian, Lucy/Sea Girl, Lucy/Christ.

Fairy Stories, or, Three Men Susan Never Really Loved: At St Finbarr’s, Susan tells the girls fairy stories before bed, and Lucy remembers how they really went. Susan/Rabadash, Susan/Caspian, Susan/Geeky Kid, but actually it is gen.

On Her Honor as a Knight: Aravis adjusts to life in Archenland and learns a few things from Lucy.

More Dimly in Hell: After Narnia, Lucy remembers the Sea Girl and tries to do the right thing in the wrong world. Onesided Lucy/Sea Girl.

All She Knows of Heaven: Susan, Narnia, the train wreck and the rings. Growing up means moving on.

Summer Hunting Season: Three S1 girls--Kat (Asylum), Cassie (Route 666), and Emily (Scarecrow)--team up to hunt a ghost and have adventures. Written for this year's femgenficathon.

Leah imprints on a girl with a boyfriend, and it's all downhill from there. This was an attempt to deal with imprinting, Leah, and ladies in Twilight, but I only ever read the first book so it is more of fic on the *concepts* of Twilight than anything else, idk. I really enjoyed writing it.
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