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Recs: Female-centric Fanvids of 2010

I put this together over winter break and yet I don't post it until the last day. Oh, self.

Vid recs for Whedonverse, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries are in separate posts.

Multifandom The Fear by aycheb (Summer Glau meta vid)

Needs by tearful_eye (crouching tiger, hidden dragon | hero | house of flying daggers | memoirs of a geisha - love and fighting; the martial arts women. I almost labelled this as Wuxia, but Memoirs of a Geisha is of course set in Japan, despite the Chinese lead actresses.)

That's Not My Name by kita0610 (Heroines of colour.)

10 Things I Hate About You Overboard by undeny (Kat, Kat/Patrick.)

Anne of Green Gables Emotional Girls by speakingsoul (Anne, ensemble, Anne/Gilbert.)

Batman Returns Boys Boys Boys by fahrbotdrusilla (Selina Kyla aka Catwoman, Catwoman/Batman. It manages to capture her brittleness and off-kilter worldview. With Lady Gaga.)

Castle Suddenly I See by kuwdora (Awesome ladies - Alexis, Martha, Beckett - and how Castle is in awe of them.)

Criminal Minds Never Be by tearful_eye (One of my favourite things about Criminal Minds is that the female victims are generally treated as subjects rather than simple objects. This vid does a great job of showing that.)

Sadie Hawkins by ghost_lingering (Elle Greenaway - you can't talk me down from this decline, you haven't got a chance, but you can ask me to dance)

Butterfly to Wasp by ghost_lingering (Haley Hotchner. I am so pleased to be able to rec such a good vic centred on Haley, given the fandom.)

Fringe U. R. A. Fever by kiki_miserychic (You only ever had FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham when you were a fever.)

Ginger Snaps Black Water by boxedfish/imbir(DW)

Heroes Keeps Getting Better (Elle) by missbreese

Inglourious Basterds Trouble is a Friend by undeny (Shoshanna, who is by far my favourite character of the movie.)

Jennifer's Body Down a Rabbit's Hole by redina (Jennifer and Needy's co-dependent relationship.)

Legend of the Seeker Lightning Field (Cara/Kahlan)

Misfits Heads Will Roll by kiki_miserychic (Alisha, season one.)

Untouchable by crickets (Alisha season two, Alisha/Simon)

Nikita I'm in Here by meltingconfetti (Alex vid, first three episodes.)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Howl by beccatoria (Jesse - Jesse/Derek and Jesse/Riley)

I Will Follow by chaila (Savannah Weaver and her robot family.)

Poker Face by chaila (Sarah/Many Boys/Guns - despite the rather crackish premise, this actually works as something of a character study of Sarah, in how others do or do not know actually know her.)

The Inside You Cut Her Hair by prozacpark (Rebecca Locke. This is the vid that made me aware that the show even existed, and watch it!)

No Skin by thuviaptarth (Rebecca Locke; everyone I see is missing something.)

True Blood Runs in the Family (Jessica, through season two) by mresundance

Twin Peaks Belle of the Boulevard by prozacpark (Audrey Horne and Laura Palmer.)

V (2009) Trust in Me by marycrawford (Anna and the Visitors are completely trustworthy.)

Whip It Rebel Girl by undeny (A love letter to Bliss.)
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