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Everyone's doing fic roundups, so I figured I should try to get in an art roundup, and show off some underrepresented fandoms while I'm at it. All worksafe, though a few contain some pretty revealing bikinis.

The most meta of them all is The Powerpuff Fangirls, dedicated to lovers of memes, picspams, and squee everywhere.

Doctor Who
Plushie Collectors (Susan and Jenny, with plush!One and plush!Ten)
Well, That Was Interesting (Bambera, with Eleven)
Found And Lost And Found Again (Sarah Jane)

Checkhov's Absinthe (Integra)
Rico Suave (Integra, with Enrico)
Winter Walk (Heinkel/Yumiko)
Little Golden Books (Helena)

Read Or Die
Books Are Sexy (Yomiko)
By The Lake (Yomiko/Nenene)
Season of Giving (Nenene/Maggie, with cameos)

The Daily Show
You Might Say She's A LOLivia (Olivia Munn, with a cat)
La Correspondante En Rose (Kristen Schaal)
Helloooo, Nurse (Olivia/Kristen)
Fish Tale (Olivia/Kristen)

Sasameki Koto
Hiiiii Sumi-chan (Kazama/Sumika)
Accidental Harem (Akemiya, Aoi, and Kazama)

Sailor Moon
Water Wings (Ami)
Olive Desolation (Kakyuu)
Dark Ladies (Black Lady and Mistress 9)
Kitty Soldier Sailor Mau (human!Luna)
Fire Soul Bird In Love (Rei/Usagi)

Carrying Annie (Little Orphan Annie, with "Daddy" Warbucks)
Boop-oop-a-doop (Betty Boop)
DIR-EC-TIVE (WALL.E/EVE, femslash version)
Dragon Child (Honlon, from Pet Shop of Horrors)
The Best in Botswana (Mma Makutsi and Mma Ramotswe, from The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency)
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