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AU BtVS Faith fic: Talking to the Trees by Kerkevik

     I thought I'd finish off this year's halfamoon with a Faith-centred fic I wrote for Jet Wolf's The Chosen   Buffy continuation; much more canon to me than the season 8 comics, though I am thinking of having Satsu turn up on the Trimouth.
   Spoilery background info for those who might be interested enough to start reading Season 8 will be at the end.

   Hope you take the time to read and pass me your thoughts. The more feedback the better :-)

  Still under Willow & Tara's spell,

TITLE: Talking To The Trees
AUTHOR: Ray Harley
DISCLAIMER: Most of this belongs to Mutant Enemy etc... The rest belongs mostly to Jet Wolf and her pack. The Idea for the story is mine. There, that should scare off the nasty scary lawyers... do ya think?
RATING: R for strong language.
SUMMARY: Faith is struggling with her dark side again - or maybe her conscience? - and gets a visit from an old acquaintance.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: The dialogue at the beginning is Angel's from AtS season one episode 'Sanctuary'.







Background info: In The Chosen's canon, Faith became the mentor of a new slayer called Hazel; who was murdered by a flellow slayer who turned out to be a traitor. Faith has been, in my take on the story, been torturing herself over her reaction to that event. Also, in an early episode, a tree was planted as a result of an agreement between Willow & other protagonists in that epsiode. It was intended to be somewhere everyone at Slayer Central could go and think about; talk, or judge honour those who they had lost.

Tags: .fanfic, btvs/angel
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