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Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology

A bunch of us in the podfic community wanted to contribute to halfamoon, so we have made an anthology of ficlets from the Awesome Ladies Ficathon.

The anthology contains 73 stories, from 41 fandoms, performed by 19 readers. The beautiful cover art was designed by aneas.

Total running time is 3 hours 39 minutes.

Download podbook (m4b):
Direct link (right-click save)

Download zip of all podfics (mp3):
Direct link (right-click save)

Download individual podfics (mp3):
Mediafire folder*

*This link allows you to browse podfics by fandom.

Thanks to the lovely authors who wrote the stories and gave permission for their stories to be used in this project, and to idella for her detailed and extremely helpful listen-through notes.

If you would like to leave feedback to individual stories, you may do it at this post and I will make sure they see it. If you want to go to their journals to find more of their podfic or to leave comments there, they are:

2naonh3_cl2, cantarina1, coriande, greedy_dancer, idella, anima_mecanique (jackofnone), jenepel, juniperphoenix, podklb, laliandra, munchinglunch (lunchee), martinius, nickelmountain, rhea314, shiningartifact, swiiftly, tsuki_no_bara, weimar27
(Melissa does not have an LJ, but I will make sure she receives any comments left here)

ETA: 3 additional podficlets recorded for this project by rhea314 can be found here
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