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Multifandom fic post about women making their own choices

I meant to write something new for halfamoon this year, but looks like I won't be able to finish anything in time, and so here's few older fics instead, all dealing in some way with the subject of choice:

The X-Files, Dana Scully, 1900 words, PG
While returning home from Dexter, Scully finds out why Doggett became so involved with the Underwood case. Episode tag to "Invocation".

Winter Dreams
The X-Files, Monica Reyes, 3000 words, PG
Reyes after the world has ended. A post-colonization ghost story.

World Enough
Angel the Series, Illyria, 1600 words, PG
Illyria at the end of everything. Takes place immediately after "Not Fade Away".

Enemy of My Enemy (My Friend)
Babylon 5, Susan Ivanova & Lyta Alexander, 1000 words, PG
Ivanova is visited by an old friend. Set during the Telepath War.

I Would Keep Myself
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers, 2000 words, PG
They didn't win the battle, but life still has to go on. AU after "Chosen".

We Make Our Own Magic
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, OFC, 2300 words, PG-13
Not everyone can be Chosen. Giles interviews one of those who weren't.

The Last Snowfall
Discworld, Granny Weatherwax, 600 words, PG
Death and Granny have one final talk.
Tags: .fanfic, babylon 5, btvs/angel, discworld, x-files
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