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So I was just perusing my own author tag on fanfic_bakeoff (vain, I know ;P) and thought that perhaps a few of the things I've written over there might be relevant to this comm's interests.

Castle; Richard Castle/Kate Beckett; 295 words; G;
They both know they're being caught out by the other.

A Good Catch
Castle; Martha Rogers, implied Castle/Beckett; 180 words; G;
Martha's thoughts on her son and Kate Beckett.

Keep Your Eyes Closed
Fringe; Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop; 289 words; G;
Olivia finds solace in a bit of denial. Set just after 2x15 - "Jacksonville"

The Strong One
Fringe; Astrid Farnsworth; 283 words; G;
Astrid's the one to make sure the team doesn't fall apart. Set after 2x19 - "The Man From the Other Side".

Fringe; Peter Bishop, Alt!Olivia; 250 words; G;
Peter notices the little things. Especially when it comes to Olivia Dunham.

Fringe; Olivia Dunham; 175 words; PG;
Olivia Dunham had never believed in Fate. But the more she thinks about it...

One Final Song
Doctor Who; River Song, the Doctor; 173 words; PG;
The Doctor and River Song's final meeting before she goes to the Library.

Well Aware
Doctor Who; Amy Pond; 275 words; G;
Amy wonders if there really is a swimming pool. So the TARDIS proves it to her.
Tags: .fanfic, castle, doctor who, fringe
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