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Fic recs: Seven Doctor Who fics written by the 11 year old daughter of an lj friend.


      these fics are all, as it says above, by the daughter of an lj friend of mine elisi  (whose extremely talented daughter is now 12). Here's what she put at the header of the first of Miss M's she posted :- 

  "Look what my daughter wrote!!!!
   Miss M (age 11) is home from school today, 'cause she's not feeling well, and during that time got an idea for a fic, and - here it is! Not even 500 words, but quite excellent, if I may say so myself! :) I've not done anything to it, except fix the structure a little."

  This the tag link at elisi's lj for these fics  -

   and these are the fics, in order of posting...

Rory, Amelia and Fish Custard (Wee!Amelia, Wee!Rory)
The Outfit for Amy's Men (Wee!Amelia, Wee!Rory, Rory's Mother)
An Ordinary Day (Donna, Shaun)

   Haven't fread them all yet, but I can understand why her Mum is so proud.

   Be fair and honest, and please remember if you choose to comment, that you're talking to a minor.

   OK, go read and, hopefully enjoy!

   Long Live Wee!Amelia and her Raggedy Men,

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