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I wanted to write something original, but I just started a new job that's chewing up my creativity for the moment. So here are some women-centric stories I've written in the past year.

Star Trek (2009)

Under a Rhyming Planet
Winona/George | adult | 1,790 words | Winona convinces George to make the most of their shore leave together.

Darkness Always Gets There First
Winona Kirk | all ages | 4,200 words | Winona Kirk wants revenge. Life keeps getting in the way.

You Certainly Have a Way With People
Gaila/Jim | adult (violence, language, and threatened/attempted rape) | 4,000 words | A couple of Klingons decide to pick a fight with the legendary Kirk while he's on shore leave. Gaila defends her captain with much bad-assery ... and a bat'leth.

If You Can't Crawl
Gaila, Charlene Masters | teen | 1,300 words | Things that get left behind, and things that do not.

Morning Finds You Still Warm and Breathing
Uhura/Spock | adult | 3,000 words | She can't say what she needs, but he gives it to her anyway.

Nothing So Certain As Your Anchors
Uhura/McCoy | adult | 5,300 words | On an away mission, Uhura is the only one to witness McCoy's abduction by smugglers. She has only a few seconds to decide whether to run for help or try to save him herself.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Ache in Every Song
Dax/Kira or gen | all ages | 1,970 words | Early in their friendship, Jadzia shares something special with a reluctant Nerys.

Keiko/Miles | teen | 1,170 words | Before leaving for DS9, Keiko and Miles bring Molly to Japan to meet her grandparents.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

With Your Empty Smile and Your Hungry Heart
Tasha Yar | teen (assault, attempted rape) | 1,060 words | Tasha needs to get off Turkana IV before it kills her.
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