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Doctor Who Fics (Amy-centric. River shows up, too. :P)

"Where Two Paths Cross". (PG) Amy/Rory + Aunt Sharon, OCs, and the elder Ponds. This is my attempt to reconcile Amy's two separate time lines. "Amy Pond has lived through two very different childhoods, but there are some common threads between them..." ~6,500 words.

"I Thought of You". (PG) Amy/Rory + Eleven. Amy is determined to find out what her husband did in the 2,000 years he waited for her. He's determined to keep it from her. ~3,000 words.

"FrankenRory". (PG-13 for semi-graphic descriptions of death and decay.) Amy/Rory + Eleven and semi-OCs. A Frankenstein-inpired AU set after the events of Cold Blood. Amy will take Rory back any way she can get him...or will she? ~4,000 words.

"Taking Care of River". (PG-13 for mild smuttiness) Amy/River + Eleven. Light and smutty femslash, with just a dash of plot and characterization. Amy is left to take care of River as she recovers from an alien virus. River is the Worst Patient Ever, but Amy finds a way to solicit her cooperation... ~3,000 words.

Smut Fics

"Professor of What, Exactly?" (ADULT - EXPLICIT SEX) Amy/Rory + River/Eleven. Amy and Rory are virgins, and nervous about having sex for the first time. River decides to lend a hand and guide them through their first experience, using the Doctor to demonstrate. ~11,000 words

"Share and Share Alike". (ADULT - EXPLICIT SEX) Amy/Eleven + Rory/River. Amy and River arrange a good, old-fashioned partner swap on board the TARDIS. ~4,000 words

"And Every Hour After". (ADULT - EXPLICIT SEX) Amy/Rory. When the Doctor leaves her for the second time, Amy is desperate to hold onto something real. ~3,000 words.
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