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Multifandom Fics (Buffy, Angel, Spartacus, Xena, Firefly)

Here's a section of some of my female driven fic this year.

Starshine (Cordy & Lilah, future, PG13)

Two agents of good and evil meet at a sanctuary by the sea.

Song of Selene (Historical Slayer, pre-series, G)

A ancient Greek saga about a slayer in the Age of Heroes.

The Limitless Horizon (Inara & Zoe, post-BDM, G)

Silence reigned as the heavens poured and Inara drifted closer to death.

Lupus Matris (Lucretia, Blood&Sand, PG-15)

Lucretia travels to Rome to be blessed during Lupercalia.

Among the Tigers (Lao-Ma, AR-Xenaverse, R)

Lao Ma couldn't help but smile as she thought about how wondrous and ludicrous the world could be when the daughter of a courtesan could become the supreme master of all Chin.
Tags: .recs, btvs/angel, firefly, spartacus: blood & sand, xena
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