February 13th, 2020

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Not Going to Make History - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Willow Rosenberg

Title: Not Going to Make History
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character: Willow Rosenberg
Rating: G
Word Count: 174
Prompt: Day 10 - Well-Behaved Women
Summary: Willow wasn't going to change

“Well-behaved women seldom make history” was a saying that Willow’s mother quoted often. She said that, but still purchased her teenaged daughter clothing more suitable to the first grade than to freshman year of high school and emphasized the importance of studying and good grades to get ahead.

When exactly was Willow going to find the time or inclination to do anything other than behave well?

Maybe, cultivating a bit of a bad girl vibe would turn a few of the boys’ heads, but what then? The same thing that happened now. Absolutely nothing. She wasn’t the type to wear leather pants and smoke cigarettes , no matter how many times she’d watched “Grease” and envied Sandy her ability to change. (And really, to change that drastically for a man seemed the opposite of history-making.)

She was lucky enough to have two good friends in Xander and Jesse and they didn’t expect her to be anything more or different than who she was. She might not make history, but she was okay with that.
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Cycles - Game of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen

Title: Cycles
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Character: Daenerys Targaryen
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Prompt: Tides (Day 8)
Summary: It calms her to walk along the beach

She walks along the beach at Dragonstone, hearing the whisper of the waves as they gently lap against the shore. She loves this part of the morning, when the sand reveals everything that the tides have brought in over the course of a night. It relaxes her, not the sound of the water, but the idea that the natural cycles return that which rightly belongs to a place. Power goes through the same cycles- Baratheons take from the Targaryens, Lannisters take from the Baratheons, and one day soon, the tides of power will return a Targaryen to the Iron Throne.