February 6th, 2020

  • cmk418

The Moon - Batwoman - Alice for Day 5: Waning/Waxing

Title: The Moon
Fandom: Batwoman
Female Character: Alice
Rating: G
Word Count: 126
Summary: Alice thinks about the moon

“Waning and waxing, waning and waxing, waning and waxing,” Alice sing-songed.

“What’s that about?” Mouse asked.

“Thinking about the moon, my dear Mouse. How sometimes it seems larger and sometimes it seems smaller. Almost as if it ate something it shouldn’t or drank something it shouldn’t.”

Mouse giggled and poured her some tea.

“And I think that I am like the moon. When we first met, I was small, so very small, helpless. And now, thanks to you, my friend, I am so much larger, so bright, everyone can see by my radiance.”

“That’s beautiful, Alice.”

“But I think the time has come for me to show the world all of myself. And when that happens, no part of me will ever be in shadow again.”