February 1st, 2020


Welcome to Half A Moon 2020!

As you may know, the wonderful tamsinwillougby has retired from managing the fest and an intrepid new team of moderators have stepped up to take on the project. This means that mod posts are now going up on the DreamWidth comm, but I'll be providing crossposts for LJ users!

To start off with, here's a link to the DW kickoff post with the fest schedule and full list of upcoming prompts — text under the cut.

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  • cmk418

The Reluctant Heroine - Arya Stark - Game of Thrones

It was instinct, nothing more. Everything she’d been through had brought her to this moment. First Syrio Forel and then the Faceless Men, they’d turned her into a killer.

That’s what this was- a kill, another notch in her belt. True, the Night King had never been on her list, but in order to get to the rest of her list, she needed to go through him to survive.

She didn’t expect the accolades, to be treated like a heroine. She’d just done what anyone who’d had her training would do in her place. It wasn’t anything to be glorified.

Now that the Long Night had ended and she still drew breath, she couldn’t stay at Winterfell and bask in the adulation of the people she had indirectly saved.

There was still one name on her list.

It was time to go to Kings Landing, time to kill Cersei Lannister.