January 31st, 2019

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Your 2019 Halfamoon Prompts Preview!

Hi everyone! Thank you tamsinwillougby for running the challenge and for inviting me to come back and do daily prompts again. As with Mini-Moon last year, daily posts for each theme will be going up both here and on the DreamWidth comm. (Note: I'm in California, so, adjust the definition of "day" accordingly. *g*)

Edit: There was a question about this on DW, so just to clarify -- the prompts posted on the comm are an optional aspect of Half A Moon for anyone who wants to use them. All fanworks focusing on female characters are on-topic and welcome!

Folks were interested in getting this year's full list ahead of time, so without further ado, here are the 14 prompts:

1. Half the Sky

2. Nature

3. Luck

4. Magic

5. The City

6. Law and Order

7. Work and Play

8. Time and Space

9. War and Peace

10. Balance

11. Knowledge

12. Mystery

13. Return

14. Goodbye

If you have any questions about how halfamoon works, please start by checking the Rules and General Information post. Thanks everyone for being here, and I'm so excited to see everyone's creations!