February 7th, 2011

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31 Days of Female Characters

I've been admiring the 30 days of Female Characters posts. I know I'm a little late to the party but I thought I'd post five women a day to write about all of my favorite female characters in books, movies and TV before this event ends. I'm also not a big sci fi genre person although I'm open to it. So most of my favorite female characters are kind of underrepresented in this journal.

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Rizzoli and Isles fanfic

Title: That Which Breaks Us
Author: Ladymordecai
Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles
Rating: PG (-13-ish?)
Summary: After "I'm Your Boogie Man", Jane is thinking too much about something Korsak said.
Disclaimer: Rizzoli and Isles is a book series and a tv show on TNT, neither of which have anything to do with me (except that I watch it).
Warnings: mentions of torture.

Click the link to go to AO3
Lydia lost

Lots and lots of Cordelia Chase

So I did her for hbic20in20 and my entries are up! :)  There's also Harmony (AtS), Dollhouse and Mulan icons :D  Pop over to this post to see the pretties!


OH and seeing as I'm posting, I might as well say this.  After my Jenny fic (which I think a few of you are following) I'm embarking on another self-challenge.  Actually inspired here thanks to bottleofsmoke19 and her awesome Jill vid.  Basically, I got all inspired by this decided to write a Jill/Rillian + Jill/Eustace fic.  Thanks to my university's overbundance of books on Lewis and gender, this has spun way out of control.  There's an overview of what I intend to do and why at my journal here, but here's the potential fic synposes...

- Those That Dream of Love
Jill, a struggling feminist at university, dreams of returning to Narnia.  Here she encounters Rillian, also struggling as a new king, and they fall in love.  But Jill, after confronting her own reality, must realise that her place is in the real world, and understand her feelings for Eustace. 
With this fic I intend to show Lewis' university world, and how a woman struggled to get an education.  Eustace's views are going to be similar to Lewis', so I'm going to try and understand him and with Eustace's relationship with Jill mirror Lewis' marriage to Joy Davidson, and his acceptance of women.

- In Defence of Our Dreams
(title will probably change)  Basically, the real reason Susan didn't return.  She discovered her sexuality, yes, but after years of therapy and questioning her reality thanks to her confusion of being in Narnia so long, Susan loses her faith in God (and Narnia).  This is the best thing for her, and it's basically about her life.

Of course there's no way I'm going to be able to write these before halfamoon ends, so I just thought I'd let you guys know so all that's interested can friend me so they can get updates of the project, and read the finished fic!
Adorable Willow

31 Days of Female Characters: Women Who Got Screwed Over By Canon

I thought I’d make the next five female character into a theme and talk about the women screwed by canon- even if I’m not doing the thematic 30 Days of Awesome Ladies that I’ve seen circulating. Mind you, these are women who were screwed by canon but who I still adore despite their late addition warts. Also, while I may have issues with the futures of some of the other women on my list (**cough CJ Cregg, Hermione Granger, Dagny Taggart and Lilah Morgan**) or stupid-ass creative decisions (**Dana Whitaker and Kaylee Frye**), these following women have more serious degeneration problems. I completely adore all of them and celebrating them is a big part of my posts. However, I can’t talk seriously about them without their writer-induced degeneration playing a big role.

This will be in two phases because I have a lot to say which goes from I have so much to say that I can't say it right now to I've got to read about agriculture and you're not with me and go to hell. That's a hint for a character on this list, btw!

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I wanted to write something original, but I just started a new job that's chewing up my creativity for the moment. So here are some women-centric stories I've written in the past year.

Star Trek (2009)

Under a Rhyming Planet
Winona/George | adult | 1,790 words | Winona convinces George to make the most of their shore leave together.

Darkness Always Gets There First
Winona Kirk | all ages | 4,200 words | Winona Kirk wants revenge. Life keeps getting in the way.

You Certainly Have a Way With People
Gaila/Jim | adult (violence, language, and threatened/attempted rape) | 4,000 words | A couple of Klingons decide to pick a fight with the legendary Kirk while he's on shore leave. Gaila defends her captain with much bad-assery ... and a bat'leth.

If You Can't Crawl
Gaila, Charlene Masters | teen | 1,300 words | Things that get left behind, and things that do not.

Morning Finds You Still Warm and Breathing
Uhura/Spock | adult | 3,000 words | She can't say what she needs, but he gives it to her anyway.

Nothing So Certain As Your Anchors
Uhura/McCoy | adult | 5,300 words | On an away mission, Uhura is the only one to witness McCoy's abduction by smugglers. She has only a few seconds to decide whether to run for help or try to save him herself.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Ache in Every Song
Dax/Kira or gen | all ages | 1,970 words | Early in their friendship, Jadzia shares something special with a reluctant Nerys.

Keiko/Miles | teen | 1,170 words | Before leaving for DS9, Keiko and Miles bring Molly to Japan to meet her grandparents.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

With Your Empty Smile and Your Hungry Heart
Tasha Yar | teen (assault, attempted rape) | 1,060 words | Tasha needs to get off Turkana IV before it kills her.
Eleven by me

Fic: Finding Forever (Being Human UK, Annie-centric Annie/Mitchell)

Title: Finding Forever
Author: agnes_bean
Fandom: Being Human (UK)
Characters: Annie-centric, with a little Mitchell, George and Nina
Pairing: Annie/Mitchell
Rating: R
Summary: Living forever is hard.
Notes: Inspired by a) Porn Battle and b) the fact that I love Annie/Mitchell a lot, but I want to see it be less codependent.

Read at A03: Finding Forever