February 6th, 2011

Cover for Secrets

Manifesto: Lindsay/ Cindy (Women's Murder Club)

A/N:I just found this community and thought this was a great opportunity to spread the love for my alltime favorite show and pairing. This link will take you to a manifesto I did last year, with several links to fiction, vids and picspams.

Warning: Longer post with small graphics under the link, but not too extreme. All else you'll find under the cut.


Also, if you like, come find us on this year's wmcday to celebrate the club.

And thanks to the creators of this community! :)

Icons: Women in Law Enforcement

Today, I offer icons of characters in law enforcement, hoping for a better world.

This isn't a comprehensive list, so if you have a favorite female law enforcement type that I've missed, I'll be happy to make icons and add her to the list.

8 Cops, 9 Feds, and 1 Private Eye
at my journal


Fics, Vids, Fanart, Cosplay: Bayonetta + FFVII

Final Fantasy VII

Aeris and Aeris/Tifa-centric.


The High Priestess - A drabble for Aeris based on the tarot card The High Priestess.


Suddenly I See - A tribute to Aeris from Marlene's perspective. Lovely.

Across the Universe - A tribute to Aeris and her transcendence after death.

Lamb and the Knife - An alternate look at the power relations between Aeris and Sephiroth.


Almost Like Dancing - Aeris/Tifa sketch, based on a line in A:TLA.

FFVII AC - Aeris and Tifa stand back to back and are awesome together.

Tifa and Aeris - Tifa and Aeris hold hands and smile at eachother.

Aeris Tifa Yuffie - Sketches of the VII girls.

I support both Aeris and Tifa - A fanart based icon that reads "ass kickers."

Tifa and Aeris - Tifa and Aeris at repose.


Aeris/Tifa Undergarment Photoshoot - A shippy Aeris/Tifa cosplay gallery.


Bayonetta and Bayo/Jeanne-centric.


Hunt for You - Jeanne/Bayonetta video set to Florence + The Machine's Howl.

This Time, Baby - Character profile and tribute focused on Bayonetta.

Like a Record - Bayonetta tribute set to Dope's Like a Record.


Let's Dance, Boys - Fanart of Jeanne and Bayonetta.

Witch Time - Fanart of Jeanne and Bayonetta against the moon.

Witchy Women - Fanart of Jeanne and Bayonetta standing together.

The Hunt is Over - Jeanne and Bayonetta pose for prison mugshots.

Bayonetta and Jeanne - Bayonetta and Jeanne lean in for a kiss, holding hands.

Vigrid Stroll - In a take-off from 101 Dalmantions concept art, Bayonetta, Cereza and Jeanne walk Amaterasu and friends through the park.

Yummy yummy lollipop - Bayonetta and Jeanne share candy.

Friendly Enemies - Bayonetta and Jeanne get close while fighting.
NFFR Just A Train Ride

Narnia Fic Recs

In celebration of the women of Narnia.  These are some I have enjoyed, and I know that there are other Narnia lurkers here, so I encourage you to add your own!

Those Northern Witches by Animus_Wyrmis
Edmund and Susan journey northward and encounter a hag.
Rated K or PG

Also by Animus_Wyrmis
More Dimly In Hell
Lucy, the Sea Girl, and England: remembering brings its own problems. Between VotDT and LB, Lucy remembers and wonders. F/F
Rated T or PG-13

Pausing to Smell the Roses by marbleglove 
A single scene: Fifty years later there's a prison, a guard, and roses. Susan has no regrets.
Rated K+ PG

Winds To Catch by animus_wyrmis , twoskeletons  and be_themoon 
Mary Poppins/Narnia Cross over
"Come with me," Mary says, and Susan doesn't hesitate because this is the second chance she thought she'd already lost alongside everyone who could give it to her.
K+, PG

She Maintained This Estate by metonomia 
A retelling of Judith and Holofernes
Rated T, PG-13

As I Love the Mouse by lady_songsmith 
She doesn't think she's doing it right, but she doesn't know what else to do

Singing Paeans to the Stars by Ilysia
Ficlets of different Narnians, and while not all are female, most of them are, and every one is a gem

Gold by anastigmatfic 
"My Tarkaan calls me many names, for he has the soul of a poet. When he is most pleased with me, he calls me his golden gazelle." Memoirs of a Calormene geisha.
K+, PG13

A World For the Seeking by redsnake05  written for the femgenficathon
Lucy and the Star's Daughter
K, G

A whole slew of stories written for the Narnia Fic Exchange including but not limited to:
More than kisses letters mingle souls by athousandwinds 
Digory is home from war, Polly is still fighting hers

All Hearts Desires Met by liminalliz 
The War at home
K+, PG

Amphitrite by gothic_hamlet 
Lucy discovers the world is much larger than anyone expected
K+, PG

The Land of Silent Seas
by bedlamsbard 
Polly and Digory return to Narnia
K+, PG

The Tale of the Bearded Glass by snacky 
There are two Narnias, and two Just monarchs, King Edmund and Queen Edaline
K+, PG

Your least gesture beckoned a constellation
by be_themoon 
Liliandil as she grows up and doesn't fall in love
T, PG-13

the Of Heroes and Queens series by ineptshieldmaid

The collected works of edenfalling here, including her recent genderswap exploration and exploration of Jadis

My own modest contribution, Follow the Star, Lucy and the Star's Daughter tarry at the World's End and The Queen Susan in Tashbaan, Susan Pevensie galloping about 1942 Washington DC in a dodgy (and very long) tale of espionage

A selection of lady-centric Star Trek fics

These are a few of the fics I have written in the past year to celebrate the women of Star Trek, who didn't get much screen time but kicked ass anyway.

The Sum of Both of Us - The first time Spock asks Uhura out, she declines. She's got a career to think about, after all. PG, 3800 words.

Pro Familia Mori - Winona Kirk was captain of the U.S.S. Kelvin for 12 minutes. She saved 800 lives. - AU, PG-13, 2300 words. Warning for character death.

How Winona Kirk Fell in Love, Found Her Strength, and Healed a Relationship with Bread Pudding - Winona Kirk falls in love with George over a freshly baked bread pudding. The rest is history. PG-13, 4100 words.

A Profound Coming Loose - Amanda is ready for sex, but Sarek isn't. It's not an easy conversation, but it's not a hard one either. - PG-13, 2000 words.

Five Times Gaila and Sulu Saved Each Other - Even tough, independent people need saving once in awhile. Gaila and Sulu save each other from fears and insecurities, tarantulas and Starfleet ration bars, failed simulations and lost promotions. And space pirates. Twice. - PG-13, 12K words.

Fanmix: A Song for (Vanille + Ayu), Final Fantasy XIII, Oerba Dia Vanille

In which Vanille encounters Ayumi Hamasaki's discography and goes "story of my life."

Title: A Song for (Vanille + Ayu)
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Subject: Oerba Dia Vanille
Warnings: Spoilers through to the end.

Notes: A fanmix for Vanille consisting of 12 songs by Ayumi Hamasaki, plus one bonus track. Mostly gen, but a couple of songs are for Fang/Vanille. All translated excerpts were taken from Divine Ayu.

Track list, front + back covers, and download link @ my journal.

Fics: BBC Sherlock women

I've written a number of fics featuring female characters from the BBC Sherlock series:

Harry Watson/Molly Hooper - femslash

Birthday Surprise (Rating 15). In which Molly ends up with an unconscious historian in her bed on her 32nd birthday.

Launch off (Rating 15). In which Harry attempts to stay sober, impress Molly, and survive the launch of her book on an eighteenth-century prostitute.

Sally Donovan/Ella Thompson - a series of short preslash fics about the two characters

PC world (Rating PG)

Straight/Scholar/Smooth (Rating PG)


R v Holmes (2009) (depraved bats) (Rating 15). In which Sherlock needs help from a fast-thinking female barrister after being had up on a sexual harassment charge.
Broadchurch - DS Ellie Miller

Doctor Who Fics (Amy-centric. River shows up, too. :P)

"Where Two Paths Cross". (PG) Amy/Rory + Aunt Sharon, OCs, and the elder Ponds. This is my attempt to reconcile Amy's two separate time lines. "Amy Pond has lived through two very different childhoods, but there are some common threads between them..." ~6,500 words.

"I Thought of You". (PG) Amy/Rory + Eleven. Amy is determined to find out what her husband did in the 2,000 years he waited for her. He's determined to keep it from her. ~3,000 words.

"FrankenRory". (PG-13 for semi-graphic descriptions of death and decay.) Amy/Rory + Eleven and semi-OCs. A Frankenstein-inpired AU set after the events of Cold Blood. Amy will take Rory back any way she can get him...or will she? ~4,000 words.

"Taking Care of River". (PG-13 for mild smuttiness) Amy/River + Eleven. Light and smutty femslash, with just a dash of plot and characterization. Amy is left to take care of River as she recovers from an alien virus. River is the Worst Patient Ever, but Amy finds a way to solicit her cooperation... ~3,000 words.

Smut Fics

"Professor of What, Exactly?" (ADULT - EXPLICIT SEX) Amy/Rory + River/Eleven. Amy and Rory are virgins, and nervous about having sex for the first time. River decides to lend a hand and guide them through their first experience, using the Doctor to demonstrate. ~11,000 words

"Share and Share Alike". (ADULT - EXPLICIT SEX) Amy/Eleven + Rory/River. Amy and River arrange a good, old-fashioned partner swap on board the TARDIS. ~4,000 words

"And Every Hour After". (ADULT - EXPLICIT SEX) Amy/Rory. When the Doctor leaves her for the second time, Amy is desperate to hold onto something real. ~3,000 words.