Margalo Streussal (streussal) wrote in halfamoon,
Margalo Streussal

SPN Recs

Here are some Supernatural fanworks I enjoyed from 2010.

This Strange New World by little_missmimi (Mary, Mary/John, 1000 words, She was raised to be a hunter, and this feels like a betrayal.)

The Fan by tokenblkgirl (Becky, AU - Sam's on the football team. Becky's a huuuge fan.)

Restore from Saved Draft by twoskeletons (Becky, Castiel, ~4300 words)

A Girl Who Sang the Blues by erushi (Bela, 2236 words, In which the origins of one Bela Talbot are explored.)

Predictability by slartibartfast (Jo, Bela, Jo has worn the ring since she was a kid. In college, while Jo is living an almost-ordinary life, a friendly stranger comes to her with drinks, and Jo realises too late what she wants.)

Roller by zimshan (A tribute to the kickass women we were never allowed to keep.)

Cheap and Evil Girl by turquoisetumult (Celebrating Bela Talbot.)
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