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halfamoon is closed!

Thank you to sidleypkhermit for the great prompt posts!

And of course a big thank you to all of you who participated and filled this fest with life! I hope to see you again next year!


I didn't end up creating something this year as I'd hoped, so have a rec list instead! Some multi-fandom female-centric fics that have brought me joy. (But it's me, so most of these are Buffy, Star Wars, and crossovers/Fusions.) Full disclosure: some of these were written for me, so I'm a bit biased. Crossposted to the DW comm.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly

A Friend to the Spirit by ChronicBookworm

River dreams of an angel, a girl like her. Gen.

Xena: Warrior Princess/Legend of the Seeker

Commanded by shopfront

Cara sets off to get Xena in line for Lord Rahl. F/F.


Star Wars/Kingsman

Fulcrum: The forgotten files by Whenhopediesyoung

A series of peeks at Ahsoka's life in a Kingsman fusion. I've never watched the Kingsman movies, but this was delightful and sad. F/F.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Wars
Ahsoka the Vampire Slayer by Redrikki

A BTVS/SW fusion, wherein Ahsoka must contend with the worries of her Watcher and the presence of a new Slayer. Gen.

The Golden Girls/The Purge

The Funny Pit by Missy

The Purge fusion AU, in which the girls wait for Blanche. Gen.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Someone to Save by ChronicBookworm

Buffy goes back in time to save the world only to find she's arrived earlier than intended, with all the opportunities that brings. Buffy/Kendra.

silk ribbons by Snickfic

Drusilla, Faith, and a corset. F/F.

blurring the lines by kwritten

Buffy slips between worlds. AU where Tara lives. F/F.

flying by verity

Buffy, Willow, and dreams. Between seasons six and seven. Gen.

Five Summers That Never Were by Alixtii

A series of double drabbles, featuring Buffy and women I'd have loved her to fuck. F/F.

five things Tara forgot by gogollescent

Five scenes we didn't see. A Tara character study. F/F.

City Girls by Selena

Post-canon. Buffy and Dawn in Rome. Gen.

Cross to Bear by templemarker

Buffy collects crosses. Gen.

Star Wars

the in-between by darlingargents

Missing scene wherein Ahsoka gets a little help between battles.

Along Our Twisted Path by ambiguously

Ahsoka walks out of one dimension and into one that's familiar, but not quite the same. F/M.

Penumbra by buppypotato

Barriss is a mess. F/F.

Aphelion by buppypotato

In a universe where Sidious was stopped earlier, Ahsoka still needs to find herself post-Jedi Order. F/M/F.

flow in a perfect gale by kimaracretak

Sabine, Ahsoka, and sabers.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

i come with tbe breath of the dead by kimaracretak

A woman, the house that loves her, and the woman who comes back. F/F.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Encounter Darkness by Trobadora

Post-series. Anastasia pays the Jabberwocky a visit. F/F.

Bonus Site Rec:

When I entered Buffy fandom a few years late in 2005--back in the time when character archives were chugging along, right at the dawn of LJ--this was one of the first sites I knew and loved.

Blood and Honey - Buffy Summers Fanfiction Archive

Half A Moon Day 14

Hello again, moon mission! Today's prompt is Goodbye, but this is not the end of Half A Moon 2019!

Posting for this year's challenge will remain open through the entire month of February, so please stick around, check out what others have contributed, swing by the friending meme, and browse back through the prompts if you're looking for inspiration. Cheers!

Half A Moon Day 13

Don't call it a comeback. Today's prompt is Return.

Awesome Ladies Rec Meme

Rec meme! You ask for recs and others provide.

All fandoms and all types of fanworks are welcome, as well as rec requests for canons or for certain tropes, as long as it's woman-centric.

Feel free to self rec.

Have fun!

Half A Moon Day 12

Why was this prompt post so late? It's a Mystery!

Half A Moon Day 11

Happy Monday! Today's prompt is Knowledge.

Friending meme

It's always great to make connections with fellow fans, so here's a friending meme for Halfamoon 2019!

Half A Moon Day 10

Your prompt for today is Balance.

One of my favorite woman warriors is Isabelle Lightwood, so today is an appropriate day to celebrate her. Also, Shadowhunters 3B airs in 16 days! Feel free to share your reccs with me if you like Izzy too!

By timetobegin at oh_crime posted here and here.

My icon and 6 others by jennifergarner on tumblr.

And my two favorite music videos about Izzy:

Nothing Less than Perfection || by xxbludger on youtube.

Try || by FandomsWillXCollide on youtube.



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