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halfamoon is closed

Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope you had a good time and that we'll see you again next year!

Recs: Female-centric fanvids of 2015

Every year for halfamoon I put together a list of my favourite lady-centric fanvids published the previous year. Here’s a list of 32 fanvid recs published 2015, in SO MANY fandoms.  (Apologies for how extremely last minute this is.)  (...and the formatting being a little odd, I made the list in google docs.)

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Prompt Challenge 10: Friendship fic

Title: Q & A
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Author: punch_kicker15
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Relationships: Kennedy, Anya (with some referenced Willow/Kennedy)
Summary: Set after Get It Done: after Willow steals power from Kennedy to open the portal, Kennedy seeks some answers from the only person who shared that experience: Anya.
Word count: 1164
Notes: Thanks for extending the deadline for fic. Obviously I needed every single day.

Q & A


Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology VI

We're back again with the sixth annual Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology! This year, the Anthology consists of 108 woman-centered stories by 74 different authors and 39 different podficcers in 73 fandoms!

cover art by [personal profile] bessyboo

Listening options:

Links to the text of the fics, where you can celebrate the awesome authors, are included in the Comments section of all the mp3 files, as well as the spreadsheet with the individual podfic links. Thank you to our fabulous beta-listeners originally and kitheart, and additional thanks to lavenderfrost for the cover art beta + help!

If you'd like to leave feedback for some or all of the readers in this collection, feel free to comment on this post! You can also follow them to their individual journals, tumblr accounts, or AO3 accounts to find more of their work:
[archiveofourown.org profile] akikotree, [archiveofourown.org profile] amemait, [archiveofourown.org profile] argentumlupine, [archiveofourown.org profile] bessyboo, [archiveofourown.org profile] blackglass, [archiveofourown.org profile] croissantkatie, [archiveofourown.org profile] dapatty, [tumblr.com profile] dr-fumbles-mcstupid, [archiveofourown.org profile] duendeverde4, [archiveofourown.org profile] elasticella, [archiveofourown.org profile] exmanhater, [archiveofourown.org profile] growlery, [archiveofourown.org profile] hananobira, [tumblr.com profile] heuristicdevice, [archiveofourown.org profile] idella, [archiveofourown.org profile] jelazakazone, [archiveofourown.org profile] kalakirya, [archiveofourown.org profile] kdheart, [archiveofourown.org profile] klb, [archiveofourown.org profile] knight_tracer, [archiveofourown.org profile] litra, [archiveofourown.org profile] opalsong, [archiveofourown.org profile] originally, [archiveofourown.org profile] podfic_lover, poplitealqueen ([archiveofourown.org profile] lsimun), [personal profile] rhea314, RickyPulsifer ([archiveofourown.org profile] fuckthisimgoingtoerebor), [archiveofourown.org profile] rscreighton, [archiveofourown.org profile] shmaylor, [archiveofourown.org profile] somethingincorporeal, [archiveofourown.org profile] sunquistadora, [archiveofourown.org profile] susan_voight, [archiveofourown.org profile] sylvaine, [archiveofourown.org profile] the_dragongirl, [archiveofourown.org profile] the_foxgirl, [archiveofourown.org profile] theleanansidhe, [archiveofourown.org profile] tipsy_kitty, [archiveofourown.org profile] totalspiffage, [archiveofourown.org profile] vassalady



Some people have stated that they'd still like to produce fanworks for halfamoon but haven't had the time until now. Because of this we've decided to extend halfamoon until the end of February.

So if you've been inspired by one of our prompts or by an idea of your own, you still have time to create something and post it to the community!

I'd like to remind people that all types of fanworks are welcome here: fic, art, podfic, recs, crafts, vids, anything as long as it focuses on one or more women.

I hope this will give everyone who wants to an opportunity to share their work with us!


Prompt Challenge Day #14

Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - Day 14: Partnership

She doesn’t have to like her to work with her! But they work together - and they work well. Give us the best (and worst) of female partnerships - in fiction, fanart, graphics, gifsets, meta, and anything else you can think of!

Post to the community and tag with prompt challenge!

And thank you for participating in the Halfamoon Prompt Challenge!
Title: Awesome Ladies Wallpaper Set (Volume 4)
Prompt: for halfamoon 2016 (celebrating female characters)
Rating: G (completely work-safe)
Size: 1200 x 800 each
Quantity: total of 197 wallpapers

Fandoms: Agent Carter, Marvel (6) Agents of SHEILD (4) Arrow, DC (2) Avengers, Marvel (1) Avengers Assemble, Marvel (1) Blindspot (1) Captain Marvel, Marvel (2) Cinderella, Disney, 2015 (6) Daredevil, Marvel (1) Dark Matter (3) Doctor Who (4) Fairies, Disney (2) The Flash, DC (1) Gotham, DC (1) Hawkeye, Marvel (2) iZombie (1) Jessica Jones, Marvel (2) Killjoys (2) Legends of Tomorrow, DC (1) The Librarians (4) Maid Marian and Her Merry Men (1) The Mysteries of Laura (1) Olympus (2) Orphan Black (3) Other Space (3) Rosewood (4) Stargate SG-1 (2) Star Trek TOS— every named female character! (119) Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens (4) Supergirl, DC (8) Supernatural (3)

Part 1
Part 2

Prompt Challenge Day #13

Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - Day 13: Action and Reaction

These women don’t stand still. Or maybe they do - maybe they bide their time and see, so you won’t know they’re coming?

Either way, we want to see your fanworks about the things they do, the events they respond to - what makes them unique, what pushes them forward.

Post to the community, tagged with prompt challenge.

Female Friendship Meme

Tell us about your favorite female friendships! How did they become friends? What do they do to show their love for each other? How far are they willing to go to support their friend? What is it that makes them special?

Prompt Challenge Day #12

Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - Day 12: Alternate Universe

Let’s get sci-fi! What might she be like under different circumstances? In a different life?

Post to the community and tag with prompt challenge.


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