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Female Friendship Meme

Tell us about your favorite female friendships! How did they become friends? What do they do to show their love for each other? How far are they willing to go to support their friend? What is it that makes them special?

Prompt Challenge Day #12

Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - Day 12: Alternate Universe

Let’s get sci-fi! What might she be like under different circumstances? In a different life?

Post to the community and tag with prompt challenge.

Prompt Challenge Day #10

Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - Day 11: Old And New

Generations, passing the baton, growing out of her old self and into who she can and will be. Compare and contrast; youth has enthusiasm and energy, but time brings experience and wisdom.

Post links to your fanworks to the community, and tag with prompt challenge!

Prompt Challenge Day #10

Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - Day 10: friendship

It may be about the good times, but it’s also about the bad times. Shits and giggles, arguments and accusations, backing them up, bringing them down to earth. But that’s what friends are for.

Post links to your fanworks to the community, and tag with prompt challenge!

(Apologies for the last couple of days; RL got in several kinds of way.)

Prompt challenge: Friendship

Mirage (3173 words) by sevenofspade
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Rey (Star Wars), Original Female Character(s), Luke Skywalker, Original Male Character(s), Knights of Ren
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Friendship

This apprenticeship thing is nothing like Rey expected.


Prompt Challenge Day 9

Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - Day 9: Five Things

1. You know how this works.
2. Five things.
3. Make fic, art, meta, graphics, recs.
4. Post it to the community.
5. Tag with prompt challenge.

The Unpopular Women Love Post

This post is for celebrating and loving your favorite under-appreciated women.

Rules nicked from bofoddity:

1. Start a thread and put the character's name and the canon they come from in the subject line.

2. Those who love the character comment on the thread with squee, thoughts, fic/art/vid recs, picspams, essays, links and everything they can think of. Make sure your character gets all the love and the attention she deserves.

3. If a character has a thread and you want to talk about her, comment to the thread in question. General comments and threads for new characters go to the main post.

4. Focus on the love. This is an all positivity, all time post. Embrace your happy!

5. Absolutely no bashing allowed. Please avoid making negative comparisons to other characters, other character types and "well this character sucks more!" kind of comments. Those characters and character types have their fans too and hey, it's a love post. Save negativity for other things.
No bashing actresses or the other versions of the character either. Keep in mind that mileages vary and what doesn't work for you may work for someone else.

Prompt Challenge Day #8

Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - Day 8: Saves The Day

She’s the hero of the piece. Outcomes rise and fall on her actions.

Post your work to the community and tag it with "prompt challenge"!
It's always great to meet other people who love the same characters that you love and enjoy squeeing about them, discussing them or creating fanworks about them as well. So here's your chance to get to know new people who share your interest: the friending meme for halfamoon 2016!

Prompt Challenge Day #7

Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - Day 7: Dark Side

Sugar and spice, and all things nice? Like hell.

Give us the best of her worst! Just don’t forget to post it in either community with the tag prompt challenge, or else over at tumblr with halfamoon prompt challenge so we can reblog it!


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